Power Strips
Power Strips are a strip of sockets that attaches to the end of a flexible cable and allows multiple devices to be plugged in.
Booster Cable
Booster Cable is a method of starting an automobile or other vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine when the vehicle's battery has been discharged.
Extension Cords
Extension cords are a length of flexible electrical power cable with a plug on one end and one or more sockets on the other end.
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KEDA ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE TOOL HOLDING CO.,LTD. is an enterprise specially producing socket, plug, lengthening line, battery clip, power strips, booster cable, extension cords, lamp for repairing etc. series products. Experiencing 10 years' development, this company owns tidy and commodious environment for production and work, advanced and perfect equipment for monitoring and manufacturing; it has brought up a contingent of employees possessing devotional spirit, consummate skill, rich experience and high quality. The enterprise has passed and strictly executed ISO9001 quality management system to carry out the management for whole course of manufacture, sale and service, and realize the target of the customers. The company is meeting the requirements of the customers in different areas with complete variety, stable quality and competitive price.
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